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Cat in the Hat Fish Bowls

Today at school we made Mr. Krinklebein fish bowls.  The Cat in the Hat is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books, so I was extra excited for this project.

Step One:


Cut out a fish bowl pattern.

Step Two:





Cut out fish bowls from white construction paper and have students use crayons to draw an orange fish and gravel on the bottom.

Step Three:


Have students use watercolors to paint over the crayons.  Apparently three fish bowls are normal (can you find mine?), one is suffering from mud-like conditions, and one fish bowl fell off the bubble tower and broke.  Sad times for that poor, broken fish bowl.

"My dear, Mr. Krinklebein. My tricks are quite safe. I invite you to join in the fun, if you wish, in a game that I call… Up, Up, Up, With a Fish!"

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